Adjustable Beds


Proven solution for falls management

Class-beating FloorBed® technology With falls as the leading cause of death and serious injury in older people,1 our floor level capability provides proven effectiveness in the management of bed falls and prevention of associated injuries.2 Height is a crucial factor in bed selection; the impact force of a fall from a bed at 100 mm is 50% lower than at 200 mm.

Increased safety

Where residents need extra protection, the addition of a high safety mat can help reduce the risk of falls even further, by transforming a potential fall into a simple roll. 80% Falls within the bedroom were reduced by 80% and falls from the bed eliminated.

When moving from a supine to sitting position in bed, the body naturally lengthens. Empresa’s BodyMoveTM auto-regression feature accommodates this change, so not only does it help with pressure distribution and reduction of shear for enhanced wound care support, it improves comfort too.


Pre-programmed “one-touch care” Easy positioning of residents at one touch of a button, helps negate the need for lifting and saves staff time and effort. Comfortable to hold handset, accessible from anywhere around the bed.

800mm bed height

Full height adjustment for caregiver safety and aiding the delivery of high quality care to residents.

Expandable width and length

Having the option to adjust the length and width of the Empresa bed, together with a wide range of universal accessories means you can utilise assets fully, with less risk of downtime, even when the profile of your residents changes.

Raises vertically

Uses a vertical lift mechanism to raise the bed, reducing space demands and helping prevent damage to walls.